Free Virtual Web Hosts Deploying Tcl/Rivet scripting

We give free virtual web hosts. which is a folder in our web server were you can publish your little website.

We have availablity for a maximum of only 99 users. We are not giving more users at the moment. We do not have enough disk space for more.

Features are:

  • Develop a website using Tcl scriping language and its workframe Rivet. This is rare to find for free on the web.
  • The installed Tcl interpreter is ActiveTcl with the whole teapot repository downloaded.
  • Sorry, MySQL is does not run on our server, but you can use SQLite instead and you can still connect to another remote MySQL server
  • SSH account for you.
  • 100MB free space.
  • Setup your own custom domain to point at at/to our server

Please understand this is a way to encourge using Tcl/Rivet for the web instead of PHP. So that is why we are not going to install PHP.
Therefore, if you want an account, send us an email. You may get the email address by clicking the Employees page.

Free Virtual Web Hosts Deploying Tcl Using tänzer

tänzer is a very lightweight web server framework which utilizes the inherent beauty of Tcl's builtin event loop to great effect.
tänzer hopes to uphold the idea of an anti-framework: To stay out of the way as much as possible and provide only the bare minimum boilerplate basics of providing for most HTTP service needs.
A great emphasis is placed on performance, simplicity, understandability, and low project overhead.

tänzer API documentaion is available on here
A sample tänzer code, can be found here has tänzer installed and it's available for use without constraints. All you have to do is use a differnt listening port other than the default which is port 80

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