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Point of Sale (PoS) And Cash Register Application

This is a software made using TCL/Tk.
It will help any convenience store to record all transactions.
Using any bar-code reader/scanner you can easily sell your shop goods and it will quickly calculate it.
You will feel that you are using a normal register machine.
It uses MySQL as its centralized database server.
This will help you have as many as you want of cashier points of sale (PoS) and all saving to one location.
Of course, the cashiers will work at the same time.

You may download a demo version that works standalone without a server for free from here.
However, it has NO printing functionality.
Just install ActiveTCL 8.5 from here.
Installation instructions are on this video.

New: The same application is now ported to Android and published on Google Play Store. Please read the description for installing the application. Download App from here.
Download Android port of CashierTclTk source code.

New: The same application is now ported to Android using Java and utilises SQLite3 and published on Google Play Store under the name LebanesePos. Please read the description for installing the application, and it comes also with an accompanying tutorial video on how to use it. Download App from here.

Price:20 US dollars per seat for the network version that runs on the desktop and utilises Tcl/Tk and MySQL as a database backend.

School Management System.

This is a school registration system written using TCL/Tk.
It allows the students to register their subjects.
It uses MySQL database server.
MySQL will help centralize the saving location of data from anywhere in the local network of the school.

Price:Price is negotiable here.

This website Content Management System.

This site has its own CMS. It does not use any of the famous CMS software like Wordpress or Drupal.


Face Identifier

A web based search engine that takes any photo containing people you do not know,
and let the computer try to identify those people using the pictures of their faces.
There must be; of course, a database of people to do the look-ups.

Price:50 US dollars per copy. We accept Western Union or Bank transfer.


Design calculator for mechanical engineers.
Some of its features:

  • Written using TCL/Tk.
  • Camshaft profile plotting.
  • Study of fluids.

Price:25 US dollars per copy. We accept Western Union or Bank transfer.


This application written in Tcl/Tk will allow you to click on a date on the calendar to get a popup window with a text
widget that takes the notes made at the selected date.
The notes and the corresponding dates are saved inside the sqlite3 database file "agenda.sqlite3".


Mouse Clicking Speedometer.

This little free open source application made in Tcl/Tk, measures the speed of your clicking on a button.


GPS Issue Tracker

This is a joint application between the web and the Android phones/tables which has GPS devices.
The Android phone will send a website together in one record in the MySQL database of the webiste the following:

  • Issue subject/short description.
  • Issue full description.
  • The location of where the issue is written and sent. What is sent actually are the GPS coordinates taken from the phone.
  • one picture related to the issue taken using the Android camera.
  • The user id of the person who sent the issue.

Please download the web scripts that lists and saves the issues to the database from here

Get the Android App from Google Play Store here


One Piece Series: Last Episode Finder

This application connects to torrent tracker of the Japanese anime series "One Piece" on the address: It tells you the episodes you missed since the last episode you have watched.


Sqlite Studio for Android

This is an Android app written in Java. It can edit Sqlite database database files.

Click to Download

Price:Free. Ads based.

Sqlite Database Merger

A application written using Tcl/Tk. It can merge an number of Sqlite database files into a single Sqlite Database files.
The definitions of the Views and Indexes and Triggers are then copied to a plain text file located beside the new database file where the output of merging happened.
You will have to review the plain text file to fix the references to the table names in the new merging database file.

For the desktop version, you must have Tcl/Tk installed from with teacup updated

Download for :

Price:Free Ads based.


gifsicletk is a frontend to the Linux command line tool named gifsicle. The gifsicle joins a number of pictures and creates an animation or a slideshow file of type gif. you can download gifsicle from

Download our script from here

Price:Free Of Charge

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