Changing the laptop's LCD screen brightness level:

This Script is made using TCL/Tk to let you set the laptop LCD screen on any Linux machine.
Click here to download the script package.
Installation and usage instructions are provided in the package.

Fixing the way the Arabic Language is displayed in TCL/Tk:

On Linux, The Arabic langauge in Tk (The GUI library) displays the characters isolated and in the reverse order.
So what I have done is make use of the FriBidi project. I made this script which currently fixes the [entry] only.

Also I advise you to read this article which I wrote:
How To Build FriBiDi As A Shared Library And Load It And Use It Inside Tcl Commands On Debian Linux

Watch this to see the solution:

Download script here

Checksum Reporter

A reporter of file checksums and file hashes. It's just a front end in the Arabic language that will collect hashes and checksums for the following commands:

  • md5sum
  • sha1sum
  • sha224sum
  • sha256sum
  • sha384sum
  • sha512sum
  • shasum
Download script here

Android ADB front end for Logitech Revue Google TV

This is a front end for the adb command that comes with the Android SDK.
On Logitech Revue Google TV , which has currently Android 3.2, if you want to develop for it,
the only way to access the debugging on Google TV device is through WiFi. This script will ease things for you.
You can use it also with devices that cannot allow the android debugger upload the apk files thru the USB cable.
Download script here

GUI frontend for ipad_charge

On some Linux distributions, the iPad when connected to a USB port, the battery charging mode does not start. There is a project named ipad_charge that solves the problem.
You can find the project here. This project is NOT mine. It provides a command line tool named ipad_charge

However, I made a front end for its command
Download GUI frontend.

Shell script to backup files. It uses Wake on LAN too.

This is a script where you have a machine that you put your backup copy in it using rsync.
The machine has to be awaken from suspend on RAM using the Wake On LAN (WOL) signal.
It's suspended to save power. The script waits the ssh service on the machine to be awaken too until it can start the rsync copy.

Here I put the code of the script


#send a Wake on LAN message to poweron the computer.
etherwake -i eth0 10:1f:74:14:9b:bb

echo -n "Waiting backup server to wake up" 

while [ "$(ssh -o BatchMode=yes -o ConnectTimeout=5 echo ok 2>&1 | cut -f1 -d ' ')" != 'Permission' ]  
      echo -n "."; 
      sleep 1; 

# server A

sshpass -p $PASSWD rsync -av --delete --log-file=/x/rsync-backupserver.log  /media/rsync/source/ root@

echo  "Waiting 2 minutes before sleeping/suspending the remote backup machine to RAM"
sleep 2m

sshpass -p $PASSWD  root@ /bin/systemctl suspend -i &
echo "Backup server suspended to RAM"

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