About Superlinux
  • A computer brand located in Saida, South Lebanon.
  • Works in Linux/UNIX and open source technologies.
  • A pioneer in the field since 1999.
  • The company develops Linux/UNIX applications and configures dedicated servers according to your needs.
  • Mr. Rani Fayez Ahmad is its founder.


We have the ability to build, within no time, stand-alone desktop applications for mainly for Linux using the computer language named TCL/Tk.
In addition, the same TCL/Tk code can run also on Windows, MacOSX and all BSD's (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, ...etc).

We can also build web applications using (PHP or TCL). Such applications can also communicate with database server technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL server.

We can build and support Linux/UNIX based local networks.

We are ready to train fresh graduates. See below for the courses offered.

We offer free web hosting for scripting in Tcl/Rivet and Tcl/tänzer. This is rarely given online

Courses Offered
We offer Courses In:
  • Unix/Linux system and network administration
  • Programming G.U.I Applications in TCL/Tk
  • Programming web sites using any of PHP, Tcl/Rivet, or Tcl/tänzer
  • Android Mobile Phone programming
  • Programming using C/C++
  • Programming using Java
  • Cisco networks.

The courses we offer have some subjects we cover in the Courses Section.

The none-I.T. courses are Just a guide for those who look for updating their professional experience and knowledge with the know how of a computer software used in their profession.

We only teach I.T. topics.

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